IMM Canada (stand for Immigration Canada) is an Affiliate of IMM Group, a pioneering company in Vietnam which specializes in providing consulting services and assistance in preparing applications for Canadian Skilled Worker programs since 2005. We have great advantages in seeking suitable jobs for each specific client, giving advice on immigration paths and preparing Visa applications for clients, enabling them to enter Canada for studying, working and obtaining permanent resident status (PR) in this country.

Grasp the opportunity to Work – Study and Settle in Canada


Highly skilled applicants from Vietnam found their job opportunities and successfully settled in Canada.


Successful applications for Study Permit were consulted and prepared by IMM Canada.


Canada visas (for studying, travelling and working) were issued to Vietnamese families, applications were consulted and prepared by IMM Canada.

IMM Canada’s scope of services – Canada immigration consulting

  1. Canada immigration consulting services for Skille Worker Programs in major provinces such as Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Ontario and governmental pilot programs.
  2. Canada immigration consulting services for Business Streams such as Start-up Visa and Provincial Entrpreneur Programs.
  3. Consulting services for Study Pathways to Permanent Residence.
  4. Consulting services in seeking jobs in Canada.

As an affiliate business following standards of IMM group: “Serving for Authentic Values”, IMM Canada understands the responsibility in ensuring the values ​​of integrity, positivity and dedication in all activities of the company. Our consulting process includes many steps, testing applicants’ competence and their applications’ success rate before entering a contract with IMM Canada. Our advice is always based on the most thorough and careful approaches to ensure the opportunity to stay in Canada after studying or working. We also build strong relationships with partners and experts in Canada: well-established and seasoned law firms, schools, job centers. The expertise of IMM Canada also allows us to call for qualified human resources in Vietnam and advise in accordance with the regulations and purposes set out by the Government of Canada.


We adhere to the principle of working under 2 main values: Commitment and Practicality.


Representing the sincerity in giving information, advice on immigration pathways and supporting IMM Canada’s clients to make wise decisions in choosing a destination to gain greatest experience in study, work, business and immigration.


Through the application of experience and professional knowledge accumulated over 10 years in the industry to handle difficult situations that IMM Canada’s clients encounter, facilitating them to overcome difficulties and find out the best solution for achieving their goals of studying, working and investing abroad.